What Is Obesity

We often heard the term obesity in everyday life; however, there are not many people truly aware of what is obesity and the risk of it. Defining obesity can be varied depends on the textual resource. However, we are going to look further into general obesity definition, the risk, as well as the cause of it.


Defining ObesityWhat Is Obesity

Obesity and overweight are the physical indicators when the body weight exceeds the suggested health condition. Furthermore, obesity is considered as a chronic condition that showed by the excess load of body fat. The body indeed needs a certain amount of fat which is used for energy storage, heat insulation, and other functions.

If the fat exceeds the Body Mass Index or BMI; then, someone is considered as an obese. Body Mass Index or BMI is used to tell whether one is obesity or not using the calculation of the body height and weight.


The Risk of Obesity

Obesity is not just a matter of appearance consideration only, but it leads to harmful health risk. For your information, obesity decreases the life expectancy; according to research in the US, there is around 112,000 deaths record per year due to obesity and obesity-related disease.

Most of the records are patients with the Body Mass Index for over 30 and if the BMI exceeds 40, the life expectancy is obviously decreased too. However, there is also some health condition which is caused by obesity.

1. Insulin Resistance – Insulin is important for blood sugar or glucose transport to the body cells and fat which later use for energy. In short, insulin keeps the blood sugar levels in control. Resistance to insulin means that its ability to transfer the blood sugar is diminished. This condition leads to obesity.

When someone experience insulin resistance; the pancreas will respond to the condition by producing more insulin. If the pancreas can no longer handle high producing of insulin; the condition then leads to prediabetes type condition.

2. Type 2 Diabetes – This kind of diabetes usually is associated with the central obesity in which the excess fat is centralized around the waist and makes the body shapes like an apple.

3. Coronary Disease – It has been long known if obesity leads to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart attack as well.

4. Cancer – Obesity is also liked to be the cause of some cancer such as colon, rectum, prostate, gallbladder, and uterus cancer.


What Causes Obesity?

Many people come up with the question of what causes obesity? People become obese due to many reasons; the main cause of obesity is too many consuming calories. Compared to previous generations, people nowadays eat too much food in literary worldwide. Even though some other people raise the public awareness of healthy eating through the campaign; the majority still continue unhealthy eating and overeat.

The second cause of overweight is the easiness of life. With the fast developing technology, human life indeed becomes so much easier than the previous generations. People depend on their daily activity to the technology; this surely results in less movement and activity. If someone has less move around will result in fewer calories to burn and lead to fat exceed.

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