How To Lose Weight Fast

The matter of body weight always becomes the main issue and more people look for an easy way how to lose weight fast as well as healthy. Besides affecting the appearance, overweight also contains serious health risk. That is why many people try hard to get the ideal body weight for a healthier life.

Speaking of fast weight losing, there are plenty packages of diet and supplement with the promising advertisement. However, there always been a bug question for is it safe and fast? Well, since weight losing relates to the body health as well; it is better to choose the healthy and safe way.

If you heard about weight losing; the common advice is to eat healthily and exercise more; but, what is that actually supposed to mean? Here are the guides.

How To Lose Weight Fast

Cut Sugar and Starches

Healthy eating means to decrease certain foods such as starches and sugars since these foods are believed to stimulate the insulin production which is considered as the main hormone that promotes fat storage.


Avoid Calorie In Glass

Scientists believe that the body has a different way to register the liquid and solid calories. For example, drinking a cup of grande coffee mocha will not make you feel full compare to eating a bowl of pasta.

This means that even though it has the same calories amount; the body has a different reaction. That is why it necessary to mind the liquid calorie intake such as soda, juice, wine, and such things.


Lose The Salt

Too much sodium promotes water retention which makes you feel and looks bloated. The suggested daily intake of salt is 2,400 milligrams or about one teaspoon each day. Reducing the salt consumption does not mean to ditch the salt shaker entirely, but it means to be more careful of food with hidden salts such as canned foods, soups, chips, and other pre-packaged food.


Do Not Skip Meal

Skipping meal does not make you lose weight fast, instead, it will make you want to eat more. When you skip meals, the body will think that food is the energy supply, thus, it slows the metabolism down to save the energy. No matter how busy you are, make sure not to skip meals especially breakfast; you can put fruit or energy bar in your bag or purse to keep you from getting hungry.


Add More 20 Minutes Exercise Everyday

Healthy diet should include exercise to promote fast weight losing. Although you have not started exercise, yet; you should still get your leg up by some small extra moves. Ditch the elevator to stairs, taking the dog for a walk, walk to the office or train station, housecleaning the house to name a few for extra burning calories activities. Twenty minutes of regular exercise a day means that you burn for about 700 calories.


Drink A Lot

As aforementioned points to mind the liquid calories intake; however, you heard the same but different thing; drink a lot of water. Drinking for about 64 ounces of water every day helps promote for lose weight fast. In order to get an efficient metabolize the stored fat, your body needs loads of water intake. If you wonder for how to lose weight fast; consider to drink a lot of water.

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