How To Lose Thigh Fat

Most people have some serious problem with the thigh fat and always looking for the fastest way on how to lose thigh fat. The thigh is one of the most common body places to store the body fat and surely leads to weight gaining. The gaining of weight on the thigh and legs area also causes chafing which yes, it is uncomfortable.

However, it is somehow impossible focus exercise on certain body part only, but, there are some easy exercises to get slimmer and attractive thigh. While summer is just around the corner and it’s time for the bikini; here are some effective ways to lose thigh fat in the safe and fast way.


Healthy EatingHow to Lose Thigh Fat Safe and Fast

Whether it is losing the whole body fat or thigh fat only; healthy eating is essential. Low-calorie with high fiber food can be the best option for a quick thigh fat. Make sure to conduct healthy eating as well as drink plenty of water.


Do Cardio

For an effective thigh fat loss; include cardio for 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise for around five days per week with 30 days span. Cardio exercise is one of the fast ways in order to weigh loss process after healthy diet. Also, consider doing any kind of exercise that obviously targets the thigh such as jogging, bicycling, hiking, and many more.


Do Squat

The best thing about calorie burner exercise is that it can elevate the heart rate and tone up the muscle as well. For a slim thigh, consider doing squat for two to three days per week within a month period.

To squat, you can stand on your legs a little wider open than hips width. Then, bend on your knees, and shift the body way back like when you are sit down. Keep the knees not to extend the toes. Straighten the legs and return the previous position. Do this for several times and for extra resistance, you can hold a dumbbell or barbell.


Perform Lunges

For two or three days a week during month periods, practice lunges for a fast way to tone the thigh. Start the exercise withstand on the legs as wide as the hip, then step forward with the right leg; bend the knees as you shift the body weight forward. Push back to the previous position with the right foot back on the start.

If in case you have bad knees, consider doing lunges backward instead of forward and you can add resistance by holding dumbbell or barbell on each hand. Lunges can help tone up both the outer and inner thighs.


Take Stairs

If you want to know the secret for how to lose thigh fat quickly beside exercise and diet; the answer is the take the stairs. Instead of using escalator or elevator; choose the stairs to help tone the thigh. Taking the stairs can promote fat burner, leg toning, and even decrease the risk of premature death. Overall, the most important thing when you want to lose fat is to exercise regularly and eat healthy food.

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