Ideal Body Weight

Many people indeed concern about their ideal body weight simply for appearance or healthy living. Being too thin or overweight is indeed can cause health problems such as diabetes, strokes, heart attack, and many more. Some people even obsessed to get the proper body weight through a healthy lifestyle. However, some of us still questioned of what is the ideal body weight.

To find out the ideal body weight and whether you are in healthy body weight or not is to look for body mass index or BMI as well as the waist size. Basically, this is a good clue to determine whether they are in the ideal and healthy body weight or not.


What Is BMI?Idea Body Weight

The body mass index or BMI is the good indicator to tell you for how much fat in the body. Even though it is not the correct measurement; but it can give clues or fair assessment for how much fat in the body. The body mass index is calculated by dividing the body weight (in kilograms) by the body height (in meter square).

In addition, the body mass index has some limitations such as the individual ethnicity, age, and gender. The body mass index does not distinguish the body fat distribution or the lean fat.


How To Tell If I Am In The Ideal Body Weight?

According to the body mass index, if you are less than 18.5; it means that you are categorized in the underweight level. If you are in the range of 18.5 to 24.9; it means that you are in the ideal weight range for your body weight. For those who in the range of 25 to 29.9; you are categorized in the overweight level. Lastly, if you have BMI for 30 or over; it means that you are in the obese level.


What Is Waist Circumference?

The waist circumference is probably the better indicator of any possible health risk than the body mass index. Regardless the body mass index, having the fat in the tummy and increasing waist size is more likely to tell if you are in the risk of obesity-related conditions.

If a woman has the waist circumference for 80 cm or higher; it indicates that she is in the increased risk of the obesity-related diseases. If she has 88cm or more waist circumference; she definitely has more increased risk.

For men who has waist circumference for 94 cm or higher; it shows that he is exposed to the risk of obesity-related disease. If he has waist circumference for 102cm or more; meaning that he is in the higher risk for the disease.



Knowing the body mass index to figure out the ideal body weight is essential; however, the important thing is to conduct the healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to keep the body healthy. The body mass index, however, only numbers and it is better to aim for the healthy lifestyle rather than focusing on the weight charts.

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