Fat Burning Chef Review

Without a doubt, a large number of people are looking for the best weight loss program not just to have a better and more attractive figure but more importantly, they do it because of some health concerns. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what program will best suit you, you might want to read this short review about Fat-Burning Chef, a special weight loss system developed by Abel James.

Fat-Burning Chef Review

What’s In Store for You

The Fat Burning Chef is basically a cookbook authored by Abel James. He conducted a lab research to learn the truth about fitness and health that led to some outstanding results. He discovered that those who lived during the Paleolithic age were healthy and fit.

He also found out that all people can be fit no matter what their genes are. This inspired him to write this book that focuses on the recipes that have been derived from the Paleolithic diet, popularly known as Paleo diet.

In this program, you are going to learn how to prepare hundreds of recipes that were derived from what were eaten by the Paleolithic foragers. This diet is composed of meats, fish, vegetables, eggs, fungi, roots, fruits, and others.

This is free from dairy products, grains, refined salt, potato, processed oils and refined sugar. It is said that the traditional diets like Paleolithic diet helps in fighting off different diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, peripheral vascular disease and others.


Who’s Being This Amazing Weight Loss Program

Abel James is the bestselling author who created the Fat Burning Chef and he also happens to be an outdoor adventure enthusiast and musician. Being the number one rated health show aired in over 8 countries, Fat-Burning Man, his award winning interview series, has already helped millions in reclaiming their health with the perfect combination of cutting edge science, fresh air and amazingly good food.


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All The Good Things

  • Unlike the rest of the Paleo cookbooks that you can find today, this particular program in pdf covers an extensive array of recipes including appetizers, snacks, soups, desserts and others, pretty much covering everything from breakfast up to dinner.
  • Based on review, it is a great system for those who are already on a Paleo diet and the beginners who would like to try the Paleo routine. It is a detailed and comprehensive book, thus offering benefits not just to newbies but even to the experienced Paleo diet fans.
  • Every recipe has been described with their recommended number of servings and cooking time.
  • You are going to get bonus video coaching and one more copy of the eBook all for free.
  • They offer an outstanding customer support that will mail you back in 24 hours.
  • There is a 60-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.


The Not So Good Things

  • There is no explanation of Paleo diet’s health benefits as it seems that the author wants to focus more on how to prepare the meals and not on their advantages for your health.
  • It is only available in an electronic format so a hard copy is not possible.
  • There are plenty of external reference hyperlinks included in the eBook.


What’s the Final Verdict

All in all, the Fat Burning Chef is a highly recommended product that you can get if you want to start your Paleo diet and get fitter and healthier. Fitness should always be your number one priority and following the meals in this cookbook will surely help you in bringing great changes to your lifestyle and health.

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