Weight Loss Diet Plan Secrets

When it comes to weight loss diet plan; everyone wants a quick and effective diet plan. However, is there such fast and effective diet plan? While some of us expect quick diet result, actually weight losing should be slow and steady but has long lasting result.

A good diet should not lead to starvation and hormonal imbalance or other medical issues. We often heard of celebrities who quickly shed the baby weight in a relatively short time. Beyonce had once dropped for about 20 lbs for a movie role in just two weeks. Curious, are you not? How celebrities shed the excess weight in just no time. Here are some celebrities secret to the weight loss diet plan.

Weight Loss Diet Plan


Mind The Liquid Intake

Research shows that drinking for about 500 ml of water can boost the metabolism by 30% and if you drink water before having a meal; it can promote weight losing for about 44%. Due to the scientific studies, make sure to at least drinking water for about two to three liters each day to help you feel full for having a meal.

If you add some ice cubes to your water; it will force your body to burn more calories to warm the water up. In addition, while you drink more water; your body has no space left for sugar beverages such as fruit juices or sodas. Moreover, while you are on diet plan; make sure to put alcohol away since it is high in calories and makes you want to eat more after one cold glass.


Do Not Skip Gym

Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, Gwen Stefani, and many other celebrities spend most of their time in strict workout program in the gym. In short, they never skip a workout in the gym. If you want to get quick and steady weight losing; make sure to sweat your body. Regular workout is the best and safest way to burn calories and stimulate the metabolism.


Skip The Salt

Angeline Jolie was once famous for the salt diet. Consuming salt in excess amount can make the body retain of sodium. The body also retain the water intake until it gets water and sodium level in balance. It is advised to reduce the salt intake and increase the water intake should help you shed the excess water weight within few days.


Balance Diet

When you aim to weight loss; it does not mean that you should skip meals. You should eat but according to the balance diet plan. Balance diet will prevent you from starvation. The key to balance diet reduces the salt, soda and sugar intake but fill up with a high protein food, carbohydrates complex, and healthy fats. In addition, make sure to consume lots of vegetables especially the green one for every meal.



The weight loss diet plan should never lead to health problems and starvation. If those celebrities can get back in the star shapes in short time; you can also do the same by following the healthy and balance diet plan.

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